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Website design

To create your identity on the internet, present yourself to your partners and clients, and improve your business, you need a website. You have come to the right place!
Website is an investment into your company’s success. When designing a website, we pay attention to details so we can present you in your best light to your potential clients.
We approach each project by individually creating solutions according to specific needs of individual clients.

Both design and structure play an important role in website design. Functional structure of a web site combined with the design should give the visitor a top user experience. The purpose of web design is creating a visual identity with a function of providing information to visitors. Web design should primarily be pleasant to the eye, clear, and useful for every visitor.

Responsive (adjustable) web design automatically adjusts your websites for all screen sizes on all of devices (desktop, tablet or smartphone). The goals of responsive design are adjusting the content to all devices to improve the quality of your user experience (UX) and increasing your website traffic.

We do not even have to mention the importance of website responsiveness and optimization in the past two or three years during which every website had in average two thirds of visits via devices that are not classic desktop computer (these data come from Google Search Consoles of our clients).

Izrada web stranica - Kreativan web dizajn

Quality website must contain:

Clear and attractive design,

Quality and unique content,

Elaborate and functional structure,

Quality images (optimized for web display),

SEO elements (optimized H tags, internal and external links),

Excellent UX design (user experience), and

Page opening speed to keep the visitors

Website must be top quality and functional. It is the basis for a detailed strategy elaboration based on clients’ goals and needs.

The purpose of the website is to sell products and services, inform the clients, build the company brand and strengthen it with the regards to the competitors. Goal accomplishment strategy is defined by creation of a visual identity, quality content as well as periodical check-up and improvement of the first two mentioned factors.

When you receive a completed website, do not consider it to be a finished job because each website, as well as the entire web space, is something that constantly changes and improves. This does not mean that you should immediately start with new tasks on your new website, but you should consider a plan for periodical refreshment and going the step up in digital marketing (updating the image gallery, blog writing, etc.)

Why choose JV Creativa for your website design?

Because we have ample knowledge, experience, and creativity to design websites that will properly represent your business. Your website represents you. It is the first impression you convey to a potential client, the one they will remember you by.

Website redesign

Every website, no matter how good its quality and design are, requires alterations after some time, adding new functionalities and application of new technologies. Creating a website is not a one-time investment.

Website redesign will give you a new strength to attract even more potential clients, and once more attract the attention of existing buyers/clients who might have lost your web location from their sight, not to mention different marketing possibilities that arise with every redesign.

Reasons for your website redesign:

Users have difficulties finding necessary information

It takes a long time to load the page

You do not reach your business goals

Your website is not optimized for search engines

You do not offer some of the products and services any longer

Add new products and services

You are altering the directions in your business and orienting towards new markets

You are modernizing your business so you want a new, more modern website

Website does not have a responsive design

To follow the current trends in web design and redesign, it is important to make some bigger interventions on every website every three to five years. At this moment online trends are more and more visual and lean towards video formats and maximum compatibility with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Obsolete website that has not been adjusted will have difficulties in fulfilling its purpose and in bringing new clients. Website redesign is an important and complex job for which we will, in cooperation with you, try to accomplish the main goal of each website – achieving business goals.
Redizajn web stranice je važan i nadasve kompleksan posao u kojim ćemo s vama pokušati ostvariti glavni cilj svake web stranice, a to je postizanje poslovnih ciljeva.

Redizajn web stranice - koncept 01

Why choose JV Creativa for your website redesign

Design and redesign of websites are the basis of our business and there is no compromise for JV Creativa in that segment of digital marketing. We want to provide only the best for all our current and future clients.

If you are not satisfied with design, functionality, or current position of your website in the search engines, it is time for redesign.