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Content marketing is a modern marketing approach focused on creating, publishing, and distributing online content for a targeted audience. Such content has to be of high quality, relevant, original, and aimed at the potential customers of your products and services.

The goal of content marketing isn’t direct advertising of products and services (as is the case with PPC and email marketing), but rather building a long-lasting brand in industry, and attracting users from your target audience.

Content marketing is continuous online communication with clients done in educational, useful, and sometimes fun way. Clients want to read, share and discuss such content. Also, the relevant high-quality content is one of the key factors in Google SEO keywords ranking of your page.


The starting point for a successful content marketing is developing a detailed strategy. To do so, you need to gather detailed information about potential customers (target audience), their preferences and habits, which you will then use to create content useful to your target audience. This way you direct them to your business, turning them not only into potential and current customers, but recurring loyal ones who will keep coming back and who will promote your brand.

The content can be published on numerous platforms (e.g, blogs, bulletins, newsletters, social media sites, online magazines, videos, e-books, and so on) and in various formats. The chosen content represents your business and leads to the ultimate goal which is sales.

This form of marketing is of the utmost importance in building a new brand and launching new products and services. By informing and educating the target audience you ensure a long-term growth and success of your business.

How can JV Creativa help you with high-quality content marketing?

Developing a detailed content marketing strategy,
Researching keywords,
Distributing content,
Measuring results,
Improving web-page content,
Content marketing for achieving SEO goals.

These six points make content marketing a powerful and efficient marketing tool which has been used for decades by a number of world renowned companies, and which has gained popularity in our country over the last decade.

Frequently asked quetions:

The price can only be determined after confirming the purpose of the campaign (one-off product launch, keeping clients well-informed, building a brand, or something else), the length of the campaign, as well as the aspects of the campaign the clients might take upon themselves (e.g. writing blog posts). Once these details are specified, we can move to a detailed budget planning. If a client has a limited budget, the campaign is planned accordingly.

The length depends on the campaign goals and the client’s marketing budget. Ideally, the best approach is to set 12-month goals and priorities, after which the campaign is reviewed and the guidelines for the upcoming period are set. Apart from the annual content marketing strategy, a shorter campaigns (no shorter than 3 months) can be organised for launching a new range of products or services. However, these campaigns should be a part of a longer campaign strategy for the simple reason that your competition is working on similar ideas through their campaigns, and in the digital world a lack of continuous activity can lead to oscillation in business activity.

Most definitely. When possible, we recommend making at least a minimum investment towards paid promotion of the content marketing material because the created content might not achieve maximum visibility through free advertising. We can provide you with more details during the campaign development.

Of course. We are aware that not everyone can cover the costs of the content marketing campaign, especially when setting up a business. In that case we’ll analyse the existing campaign and develop guidelines and instructions for the future one. Simple, isn’t it?


Through its resources and knowledge, JV Creativa can match any marketing agency worldwide in implementing and overseeing content marketing campaigns.

We are willing to address all of your questions and concerns through consultations and planning of your content marketing campaign. You just have to contact us.