Privacy policy

Protection of personal data on the website

Your privacy is our major concern. Thus is why we have developed Privacy rules for the visitors of our site. They describe how and for what purpose the company of JV CREATIVA acquires and how it uses your personal data. We would be obliged if you get to become acquainted with our privacy practices and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on the topic.

Acquiring and using personal data

Your personal data can be acquired through communications available under the heading „Contacts“ at our web site, which include your name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and fax number. You can also voluntarily put at our disposal the data associated with you, your requests and commentaries. We are, however, urging you to offer only your personal data that are necessary for us to offer particular answers to your requests and commentaries. We can also use cookies or similar technologies that acquire particular data on the use of Internet sites, when you open, watch or use our Internet sites. Cookie is a data file positioned in the computer or mobile device, which helps in better understanding of user behaviour, indicate the parts of our internet site that has been visited, and also enables the implementation of efficiency measures for our advertisements and Internet browser. The data acquired with the help of „cookies“ and other similar technologies are treated as non-personal data. Cookies can be disabled in your browsing settings (for example, under „preferences“ or „internet options of your browser). However, you should keep in mind the possibility that some of the site properties might not function normally if you disable the cookies.

How do we use the acquired data?

Personal data are used (i) to answer to your commentaries and requests, (ii) to improve our Internet site and make your experience in using our sites more profitable and pleasant, and (iii) to identify the problems occurring in our computer servers. Your personal data will be saved only during the period they are necessary for the above purposes. After this period, your personal data will be deleted.

How can personal data be released to third parties?

The company of JV CREATIVA can release your personal data only and exclusively to the other companies and our business partners in order to comply with your requirements or for the purpose of delivering and improving our products. You will be contacted for marketing purposes only if you have expressed your approval beforehand. The JV CREATIVA takes the responsibility and obligation of keeping your personal data safe and strictly confidential, while any form of releasing or giving in any other manner your data to third parties, apart from the above mentioned purposes, is strictly forbidden.


Internet site can contain links to other sites, maintained by third parties, the information of which, as well as their privacy policy, can differ from ours. We cannot be responsible for the information and privacy rules applied or released by these third parties. We advise strongly that you should read privacy rules of all the internet sites of the third parties, prior to visiting these sites or releasing any personal data, or some other important information, via such internet sites.

Your rights

You are entitles, at all times and with no fee, ask for the information on your personal data that we have saved, as well as for the information on the data we have that concern you, and/or to change or erase your data in our files. You are also entitled to ask for correction or deletion of any incorrect piece of information in the same way (by e-mail), or you can call us in case you have any questions in connection with the above privacy rules.

Privacy rules changes

The JV CREATIVA has the right to change these Privacy rules at any time. We strongly advice these Rules should be regularly visited by our customers and business partners, so as to keep being informed on possible changes and innovations.